Keeping Your Mind And Body Limber

Keeping Your Mind And Body Limber
Good physical fitness requires you to remain limber and flexible. This isn’t just for your body, it’s also for your mind. If you are mentally tired you won’t have the motivation for physical activity. And, regular physical activity gives you energy and helps you concentrate. They feed off of each other in this way. Below are a few tips to keep your mind and body limber.
1. Don’t allow your muscles to cool quickly. There’s a reason that baseball players wear a jacket over their arms after warming up. They know that allowing muscles to cool off too much leads to stiffness. After working out, be sure to take a shower quickly. You will feel better for washing off the sweat. It will also help you to bring your heart rate down and rest your muscles in a warm environment.
2. Everyone has heard of burnout. When you are in a highly stressful environment it’s possible to just become overwhelmed and mentally numb. On the other end is doing something so boring and mundane that you get totally bored. Mental flexibility comes from working to spend as much time as possible in the middle. If you find yourself spending too much time worrying about something, shift your thoughts to something else. And if you find yourself stopping thinking and “zoning out” then reach for something that requires a bit of a mental challenge.
These are a few simple tricks to keep yourself flexible. However, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be flexible in either body or mind if you don’t get good sleep. It’s said so often that it’s almost a cliche, but it’s true. Sleep restores you and allows your body to relax.
One of the easiest things you can do to help you get the sleep you need is to change your pillow. A buckwheat pillow supports your head and helps keep your spine in alignment. You won’t wake up stiff and uncomfortable. Buckwheat hull pillows keep you cool as well, meaning you don’t have to toss and turn. This means that you will be mentally refreshed as well since you will be able to get into a deeper sleep.
There are many more things you can do to keep your body and mind limber. But getting a good night’s sleep, not cooling off too quickly, and avoiding burn out will get you well on your way to a healthy body and mind.

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