7 Natural Ways to Reduce Rising Estrogen Levels

7 Natural Ways to Reduce Rising Estrogen Levels
 This common hormonal imbalance enhances the effects of aging and high estrogen production in men cause higher body fat, fatigue, or loss of libido and muscle tone. Here are some ways to cut estrogen production naturally to stay healthy long-term.
Levels of estrogen cause serious conditions which include heart disease and diabetes commonly seen in men with low testosterone and high estrogen. Combine exercise with moderate intensity and fat loss is the best combination to avert estrogen dominance. Avoid high estrogen production and consider a dietary supplement like EstroBlox, an estrogen blocker, for more stamina.

1. Add Fiber to Daily Diet

Foods with high amounts of insoluble or soluble fiber use the liver’s production of bile acids bind and rid of estrogen. When the body digests, fiber sticks to bile acids released into the intestine and allows excretion of the acids along with attached estrogen.

2. Eliminate Alcohol Consumption

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and one crucial function is breaking down estrogen. Alcohol intake affects the liver’s performance and can hinder estrogen metabolism. A drink now and then will not harm the liver too much but avoid daily alcohol consumption to prevent liver damage.

3. Cut Down on Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is typically part of a daily diet but accounts for a large amount of estrogen. Pregnant cows produce the most milk during pregnancy while estrogen levels are extremely high. Instead of consuming cow’s milk, substitute for soy or almond milk.

4. Worship Vegetables

Hardcore carnivores must add a healthy amount of vegetables to their meat diet. Meats result in higher amounts of body fat compared to veggies and lead to higher estrogen levels. Super veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and cauliflower fight bad types of estrogen and lower body fat.

5. Eat “Wholly”

Whole foods are part of a healthy diet that lowers estrogen production. Such foods include fresh vegetables and fruits but also seeds and nuts. Whole grains like flaxseed, buckwheat, oats, corn, wheat, rye, and buckwheat contain anti-estrogenic polymers that are highly effective for cutting down estrogen. Take red meat and caffeinated coffee out of your diet completely to further lower estrogen.

6. Choose Organic Foods

Most of the foods available in the markets contain various pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals. Virtually all non-organic vegetables, fruits, meat, and poultry, contain these toxic additives that eventually become exogenous estrogens. The only effective way to steer clear is to limit meat consumption and buy organic fruits and vegetables.

7. Be Careful with Fish

Fish is generally a healthy food but unfortunately, humans have polluted the planet’s water. Do not consume too much fish unless you are completely sure it is fresh and from clean water sources. A significant majority of the fish we consume contains toxins that everyone should avoid.

8. Shed the Body Fat

The most effective way to cut estrogen production is to exercise and shed the body fat. Men especially need to keep a low body fat percentage to limit estrogen levels and stay healthy longer. This also means regular exercise like running while cutting out junk food completely and drastically limiting carbohydrates.

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